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The Day God Fulfills His Promises

Join us this Sunday as we continue our series in Exodus. Our message this week will be from Exodus 12:29-42. We come to the passage where the long-awaited day of Israel’s deliverance arrives. In one single action, God judges the Egyptians who have enslaved His people and frees His children so that they might live... Read More


Promises More Precious Than Gold

This has been a couple of weeks where it has become more evident that the Treasure of the Gospel is the only thing we cling to forever. Some of us have lost family dear to us.  Some have lost jobs, and some have gained jobs.  The one thing that remains forever is the gift of adoption purchased by the precious... Read More


Merry Christmas

We are so very happy to celebrate Christmas - the birth of our Lord- as a church family.  We know that many of us will be away and unable to worship together because of travel and other family gatherings, but we still want to wish you a wonderful Christmas.  We are a church that is continually celebrating that... Read More


Good News of Great Joy: The Birth of Jesus Recorded in the Gospel of Luke This past Sunday Ernie Plett, who is a preacher from Selkirk, fed us with the beautiful Bread of the Gospel.  He began a series about Christ's birth from the Gospel of Luke.  He just did a delightful work - lifting up the glories of Christ, the One in whom Mary put her faith.... Read More


Dear Church Family November 24, 2017

Marital Fidelity Adorns the GospelWithout union to Christ, there is no Gospel.  If God had not given Christ to the church as her head and her to Him as His body, there would be no salvation.  If God had not brought them together and counted them as one, she would not receive His righteousness and share in His... Read More


Dear Church Family October 17, 2017

Sunday Worship ServiceThis Sunday we will continue our series on the Household of God.  In this series of sermons, we’re diving into Scripture to see how God’s design for the church family and the family are meant to communicate precious things about the marvellous way that Christ saved the Church.  This Sunday we... Read More


God's Gospel Promises Made Visible

Dear Church Family, God's Visible Promise: Lord's SupperThis Sunday we’ll be celebrating the Lord’s Supper - one of the two ways in which God has given us a ‘visible Word’.  God gives us the bread and the cup as a sign of His promise all whose faith is in Jesus are reconciled to God.  Parents need to speak to... Read More


Dear Church Family August 19, 2017

VBS We've had a wonderful week here in Transcona - the Park City.  We had a really great group of children from both our church family and our community as we played games, heard stories, did crafts, and sang and danced together.  Most importantly, we were delighted to share the gospel of Jesus with these dear... Read More


Dear TAC for August 2, 2017

Wednesday Night Prayer meetings in AugustAs a church family, we are dedicating Wednesday nights to prayer for the Month of August.  We would like to invite the entire church family to join with us as we come before the throne of God to call out to Him to bless us, and to further the work through our church to... Read More


Dear Church Family

  The Table of the Lord This coming Sunday we have been given the honour of celebrating the Lord’s Supper.  We’ll take the cup and the bread as the Gospel made visible - sitting at Christ’s seat at God’s family table because His blood was spilled and body broken for our sins instead of ours.  We’ll also be... Read More

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