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Marital Fidelity Adorns the Gospel
Without union to Christ, there is no Gospel.  If God had not given Christ to the church as her head and her to Him as His body, there would be no salvation.  If God had not brought them together and counted them as one, she would not receive His righteousness and share in His glory.  He would not have received her sin and suffered her judgement on the cross.  His resurrection would not have raised her to new life.  
This Sunday we will be taking a look at how scripture describes that union.  God insists that sexual intimacy be exclusively within a marriage and this command reflects the beauty of the Gospel.  Our text will be the end of 1 Corinthians 6 and the beginning of chapter 7.  God's Word is clear on these topics, yet it addresses them in a respectful and discreet manner.  The sermon will take the same approach.  Children grade 5 and under will be in their Sunday school classes for this discussion and students grade 6 and older will be included in the service.  It is our commitment to you that we will discuss God's Word in a way that respects the mixed-aged group that will be in the assembly.

"Just Because" Potluck
After the service, we will be having a potluck!  It will be a delightful time to get together to enjoy being a family of brothers and sisters brought together by the cross of our Older Brother.  The church building will be open before the service for you to bring your items to the fridge or plug in a crockpot.  All are asked to bring a main dish and a dessert, while salads will be provided.

Looking forward to gathering together to sit under the Word of our Father, to come before Him with our prayers, and to rejoice and worship Him as our voices join together in song.  Let us remember with great joy that it was Christ who purchased this privilege for us at great cost!

Your brother,