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Dear Church Family,

God's Visible Promise: Lord's Supper
This Sunday we’ll be celebrating the Lord’s Supper - one of the two ways in which God has given us a ‘visible Word’.  God gives us the bread and the cup as a sign of His promise all whose faith is in Jesus are reconciled to God.  Parents need to speak to their children about this on Saturday - prepare them for Lord’s Supper, and it is the parents who need to help the children by determining if they believe that their children have put their trust in Jesus and repented of sin.  You’ll need to lovingly coach your children as you instruct them to wait in celebrating this until this time.  It is damaging to their faith for parents and churches to encourage children to celebrate this without understanding - it will dull the joy of this promise from God to all who trust in His Son. 

It is our tradition that whenever we celebrate the Lord’s Supper we also take up another offering to go exclusively to care for people in need in our church family and community.  This is in addition to our regular offering which supports the ministry of the Gospel.  

God's Visible Promise: Baptism
Next Sunday we will be celebrating Baptism which is the other visible Word from God of the Gospel.  Baptism is the believers' response to the Gospel, it is how God has called His children to be marked for the whole of church history.  If you’ve not been baptized but love and trust in Jesus, you must.  This doesn't save you, but it is a command of the Lord to mark your salvation - that you belong to Him.  It is not a sign that you’ve completed the journey or that you’ve reached a place of maturity.  It's a sign that you’ve recognized your need for a Saviour and you’re trusting in Christ’s death and resurrection to reconcile you to God. 
For anyone interested in Baptism - perhaps with questions, we invite you to sign up for Baptism class which we will hold on September 5 at 7 PM.  If you come, you're not making a commitment to be baptized.  Perhaps your parents baptized you when you were little as a sign of their commitment to raise you to know the Lord, perhaps you trust in Jesus but are worried you aren't mature enough, perhaps you’re nervous of speaking publicly.  Whatever the case, join us for this class to seek the Shepherd’s Voice - the Word of God - to hear how He instructs His sheep.  God is a God who loves to make promises and keep them - and Baptism is a visible sign that He gives to us to mark His promises to all who trust in His Son.  Contact the office or speak to myself, pastor Jordan, your lifegroup leader, or Bible study leader to sign up for this class.