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We've had a wonderful week here in Transcona - the Park City.  We had a really great group of children from both our church family and our community as we played games, heard stories, did crafts, and sang and danced together.  Most importantly, we were delighted to share the gospel of Jesus with these dear children.  You need to know that there were four children who indicated that they wanted to turn from sin and be rescued by Jesus.  They confessed that they trusted in His work for them on the cross and that they desired to walk as God's children.  They are coming tomorrow to our church with their families, and we would love it if you counted it as serving the Lord by richly welcoming them tomorrow.  

BBQ Tomorrow

What a gift it would be to those kids - and their parents - if their parents were warmly welcomed into the church family.  Let's pray that God would make us faithful to offer genuine discipleship to these dear people. We're having a BBQ after the service along with bouncers and games and we' love it if you stayed and invited Transcona folks to pull up a lawn chair beside you as you introduce yourselves to each other.  For tomorrow you're going to need to remember to bring lawn chairs for the BBQ afterward.  
We will be taking up an offering tomorrow as we do every week to support the ministry of the Gospel, however tomorrow we will not be passing out the plates as we normally do - instead, the ushers will be receiving the offering at the back on the way out.  

Prayer in August

Next week Wednesday we will also be gathering together for prayer - as we have dedicated each Wednesday in August to prayer.  We want to do this to express our utter dependence upon God for the flourishing of this Church and the ministry of the Gospel here in the Park City and around the world.  Please join us for that - and children have been a welcome part of this prayer meeting.

Free Concert Next Saturday

Lastly, we will be hosting a free concert this coming Saturday at the TAC building - two of our young men are accomplished recording artists and we'd encourage you to come and invite friends and neighbours.  The music is something that teens and young adults, in particular, will enjoy.