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Sunday Worship Service
This Sunday we will continue our series on the Household of God.  In this series of sermons, we’re diving into Scripture to see how God’s design for the church family and the family are meant to communicate precious things about the marvellous way that Christ saved the Church.  This Sunday we will be looking to scripture to see how the goodness of God in both creation and in salvation is shown by God’s design for marriage which must include both a husband and wife. We recognize that students of grade 6 and older will be present so I will be discrete in my language.  I would strongly urge parents not to keep these students away, as this teaching would be helpful in their understanding of God’s Word.  This will help them to see that all of God’s Word reflects His goodness and the beauty of the Gospel of Jesus.  This is especially important in a society that will tell them that God’s Word is not good for people who experience sexual desires contrary to God’s Word.  We pray this would be helpful for their faith in Christ, knowledge of His goodness, and confidence in God’s Word.  We trust God’s promise that through the preaching of God’s Word, the Holy Spirit would cause their roots to go deep so that they would not be moved in their confidence in Jesus no matter what may come.  Through the preaching of the Word this week we will all see God’s graciousness and kindness.  We will see from scripture, why Sam Allberry, a faithful pastor who experiences same-sex attraction, would say these words: 

“For as long as God is offering a relationship with Christ to anyone, He is not anti-them… as long as that gift is being offered, and it is, God cannot truly be said to be anti-anyone.

May God cause our eyes to be more firmly fixed on Christ.  May He cause more eyes to be fixed upon Christ.  May God cause us to be shaped into the image of Christ which is the identity given to all who trust in Christ -purchased with His blood on the cross. 

Your brother in Christ,


Derek deVries