Slideshow image Recorded in the Gospel of Luke

This past Sunday Ernie Plett, who is a preacher from Selkirk, fed us with the beautiful Bread of the Gospel.  He began a series about Christ's birth from the Gospel of Luke.  He just did a delightful work - lifting up the glories of Christ, the One in whom Mary put her faith.  Ernie reminded us of Christ's kingship - His good and righteous reign over all the earth.  We were again face to face with the joy that Christ would die to make peace between God and sinners so that His reign would be a delight rather than a terror for those who are added to His kingdom by faith.  

This Sunday, Caleb Symons will bring the Word.  His text will be Luke 1:39-56.  I have it on good authority that his sermon points will be alliterated. Following this, we will be served by Pastor Jordan for two weeks and then by Nick Betzing on the 31st.  I am delighted to have my eyes fixed on my Saviour through the ministry of these faithful men this month as I take time to pray and study and prepare for our next sermon series from the book of Exodus.

TAC's Christmas Plans

December 9-10 @7:00 PM

This Saturday and Sunday is our children's Christmas production at 7:00 PM. Come join in welcoming the dear children from Transcona as they participate in this celebration of Christmas.  Bring a tin for the bin.  We are still in need of hosts and goodies for Saturday evening.  Call the office if you are able to provide goodies or be the host(ess) for Saturday evening.  

December 22 @ 6:30 PM
Christmas Eve set up at Murdoch

December 24 @ 10 AM  and 6:30 PM

We will have a regular Sunday morning service on the 24th, but will also have our Christmas Eve Service at 6:30 PM.  Invitations have been prepared for you to invite family, friends, and neighbours.  Please also join us on Friday the 22nd in the evening to help set up the school for this community-welcoming celebration.