The Day God Fulfills His Promises

Join us this Sunday as we continue our series in Exodus. Our message this week will be from Exodus 12:29-42. We come to the passage where the long-awaited day of Israel’s deliverance arrives. In one single action, God judges the Egyptians who have enslaved His people and frees His children so that they might live as His people. On that day, no one can deny who God is, though some acknowledge it in fear at His judgement, while others acknowledge it in reverence for His love shown to them. And the only thing that sets these people apart is the blood of the lamb. May our message this week encourage you to rest in the blood of the lamb as you look forward to the day when God’s promises are fulfilled.


Good Friday and Easter Sunday        

                  We have almost come to that time which is the greatest celebration for every Christian. In two weeks, we will gather together first on Good Friday to take communion and to acknowledge the blood shed and body broken so that we might be reconciled to God. Then, on Easter Sunday, we will gather again to celebrate, because Jesus’ sacrifice defeated the power of sin and death so that He might be the firstborn of a family who would not die, but would live forever with their heavenly Father. We know that Easter is a time when many people who are distant from God’s family are more open to coming to church, and we encourage you to invite friends and family to join you at both these services as we sing out the beauty of the gospel message that we all hold dear as our hope and salvation. Our Good Friday service will take place on March 30, at 10:30 a.m. at the TAC Building (751 Kildare).  Easter Sunday will be celebrated at Murdoch Mackay at 10 a.m. (the usual time and place for Sunday Services). We look forward to celebrating with you all at that time.

Your brother in Christ,
         Pastor Jordan