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This has been a couple of weeks where it has become more evident that the Treasure of the Gospel is the only thing we cling to forever. Some of us have lost family dear to us.  Some have lost jobs, and some have gained jobs.  The one thing that remains forever is the gift of adoption purchased by the precious blood of Jesus on the cross.  This promise is ours through faith in Christ alone.  It is truly an honour to join together with you as a family to glorify God, declare His promises to all who'll hear, and keep our eyes on His salvation alone.  

A Strong Hand and an Outstretched Arm, and a Love that Endures Forever

This Sunday we'll be continuing our feast on the Word of God in Exodus.  We'll be hearing from God from Exodus 5:1-6:13.  The title is Trusting God With a Broken Spirit.  Click here to review the outline and discussion questions in preparation for worshipping by receiving the proclamation of the Gospel.