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Wednesday Night Prayer meetings in August
As a church family, we are dedicating Wednesday nights to prayer for the Month of August.  We would like to invite the entire church family to join with us as we come before the throne of God to call out to Him to bless us, and to further the work through our church to spread the Gospel of His Son in Transcona and around the world.  We want to demonstrate that our hope, as a church, is in God’s mighty hand.  It is in what God has done on the cross, and what God will do.  Prayer is not just a demonstration that we are helpless without the Lord, even though it is that, but it is something that God has given to us as a gift - and that He promises He hears and responds to. 
Please join us tonight, or for at least one of these Wednesday prayer meetings.  We will read scripture together to fuel and direct our prayers, and we would like to invite you to simply read a portion of scripture to us, because that is how we hear from God.  We will share prayer requests.  We will pray together in song and we will take turns simply praying. Let us express our utter dependancy on God together, dedicate the upcoming ministry year to the Lord, and call out to Him for His blessing.
September Sermon Series
After our kickoff Sunday and Baptism on the 10th, we will begin a new preaching series on September 17th.  We will be looking into God’s Word to see His call on a church to be the family of God - as well as the family to be shaped by His Word.  We will be looking into God’s Word to see how God has designed both the church and the family to reflect and point to the incredible gift that Christ purchased on the cross - being brought into the family of God.  We plan to call it “The Household Built on a Rock: How the Gospel Shapes the Church and the Family”. 
Love being the Family of God with you,
Derek deVries