Dear church family,  

This Coming Sunday

I hope that you’re enjoying the summer with your friends or family.  We’re busy planning for the Fall and even the Christmas season here at the TAC office.  One of the things we need to do to prepare for the end of the summer is to move from one gymnasium to another at Murdoch as the school preps the floors for the school year.  We can remain set up until September 4th, but we do need to be set up in the other gym.  Could we ask that you plan to stay just 15 minutes extra this Sunday to help the Road Crew move chairs to the other gym?  It is a good thing to serve together as a church family, and this is a good opportunity to do this.  

This Sunday we’re excited to continue our series on Christ and Wisdom and we’ll look at Romance.  I’m pretty thrilled to teach as the young ones (age 4+ up) will be with us as well.  What an amazing gift we can give these dear ones to be able to see romance as being a way to understand the Gospel - and the Gospel as a way to understand Romance.   

Fall Kickoff Party

September 11th is a date that we’re looking forward to quite a bit!  We plan to have baptisms that day, child dedication, and have a party to mark the beginning of the church season as many ministries get back into full swing.  We’ll serve hot dogs and have bouncers for young and old.  This would be a great opportunity to invite new folks to TAC.  We need to be well-prepared to welcome new folks personally when they come as well.  Just as every Sunday, be on the lookout for new folks and take the time to talk with them - not simply say hello.  Be prepared to spend time with them, and be bold enough to invite them to spend time together outside of Sunday services.  Inviting to meet for coffee or to have them over at your place could be something that God uses to knit these people into our church family.  And we’re not shy about why we’d like that.  We’re not interested in new folks joining us simply to be able to enjoy growth.  The reason we’re hoping that they do is that God would use us to help them trust in and enjoy and walk with Jesus and that God might use them to help us trust in and enjoy and walk with Jesus.  Because what happened to Jesus and all that He is, counts for those who trust in Him.    

Serving at TAC

This is a good time of year as well to consider how you might serve with your church family in ministry.  How might God use you to bless and serve others with your church family?   Prayerfully consider that - and chat with people about that.  Joining in with God’s grand plan for which everything was created - His plan to glorify His Son as the Creator and Holder of all things and as the One who loved sinners so much that He would take their damnation in their place and seat them at His place at the table.  This is why the Universe was created, and we can have the privilege of joining with God as He makes it happen.  Consider ministries such as Sunday School, Coffee crew, English lessons, music, library, Road Crew, decorating (Aesthetics) team, Tech Team (sound/video), ushers/greeters, youth ministry, nursery, drama, building maintenance, and the list goes on.  There is a place for you - that you could be a real blessing in.  

May the Lamb receive the reward of His suffering!  

Your brother Derek