Mark 15:33-41

Sermon Outline:
1. Jesus experienced being forsaken by God
2. Jesus’ death saves His people from being forsaken by God
3. The witnesses declare that this man is the Son of God

Family Discussion Questions
1. When Jesus was hanging on the cross, what did God do to the sky?
2. What did Jesus cry out between noon and 3pm?
3. What did the people around him say when he said that?
4. What did God do to the temple when Jesus breathed his last breath?
5. What did the ruler of the Roman army say when Jesus died?
6. Who did Mark want us to know were also watching?
7. What does this passage teach us about what Hell will be like?
8. How does this passage show that it wasn’t just men who were punishing Jesus, but God was actually punishing Jesus?
9. What was the curtain in the temple for? Why was it necessary?
10. What was God showing with the tearing of the temple curtain? How does that affect the lives of Christians even now?
11. What does this passage say to a Christian who feels like God is forsaking him or her?