Mark 15:16-32

Sermon Outline:

1. Jesus bore our shame
2. The shaming of Jesus was universal
3. Jesus is the King of Glory

Family Discussion Questions:

1. Where did the Roman soldiers mock Jesus?
2. How did the Roman soldiers mock Jesus?
3. Where was Jesus crucified?
4. What did the soldiers do while Jesus was hanging on the cross?
5. Who was Jesus crucified with?
6. What did the people who passed by do?
7. What prophecies from the OT were fulfilled in this passage?
8. How was shame the result of the fall into sin - now and in the future?
9. How did Adam and Eve immediately deal with shame? What are ways we try to deal with the shame of sin?
10. How is the shame of Christ’s crucifixion a comfort for those who trust in Him?
11. Mark draws our attention to the universality of the shaming of Jesus. What does this teach us?
12. The shaming of Christ was tied to his royalty. What does this teach us?
13. What was the theme of the mockery of Christ on the cross?
14. How will the cross of Christ bring a future reversal of shame?
15. What does it mean that those who trust in the Lord will not be put to shame?