Mark 15: 1-15

Sermon Outline:

1. Christ was Condemned by the Pagan World
2. Christ is the King of the whole world
3. The righteous for the unrighteous

Family Discussion Questions:

4. Who did the priests hand Jesus over to?
5. What did Pilate ask Jesus and how did Jesus respond?
6. What did Pilate offer the Jewish people in an exchange?
7. Did Pilate think Jesus was guilty or innocent?
8. What amazed Pilate? How can this be explained?
9. What is the importance of Jesus being “handed over to the Gentiles”?
10. Why did the Priests need Pilate’s help?
11. What did Pilate notice about the motivation of the Priests?
12. Where else in Scripture do we see the pagan and the false church conspiring together? How does this continue to happen?
13. Why did Pilate not do what he wanted to do and knew he should do?
14. Why was Barabbas such a good test of the heart of the people? How can this help us to see the universal need of the Gospel?
15. How should Christ being King shape our view of our own lives? The lives of unbelievers?