Mark 14:66-72

Complimentary Old Testament Scripture Passage:  

Psalm 51

Sermon Outline:

1. Denial of Christ is a most grievous sin
2. Count the cost of faithfulness because temptation and sin grow
3. Rejoice and tremble at the Spirit’s painful work to bring repentance 

Family Discussion Questions:

4. Who was the first person to recognize Peter around the fire?
5. Why did Peter pretend that he did not know Jesus?
6. What sound did Peter hear after three times saying he did not know Jesus?
7. What happened to Peter after hearing this sound?
8. If Peter never repented of denying Jesus, would we expect to see him in Heaven?
9. Compare and contrast the testing of Jesus that night and in the wilderness compared to Peter’s testing that night. What can we learn from this?
10. How did the testing/temptation escalate?
11. How did the sin of Peter escalate?
12. What is the most important difference between Peter and Judas Iscariot?
13. Describe the Holy Spirit’s work in a Christian to bring them to repentance. How does this help a believer turn away from and resist future sin?
14. Should a person who is facing temptation presume that afterward they will be able to repent?
15. What are other ways that the Bible says a person can deny Christ?
16. How would this portion of scripture help us to respond to the corrections we might get from other believers?
17. How can we prepare ourselves for temptation?
18. Why can Christians be confident that God will hear them when they turn to Him in repentance after they sin? Read 1 John 1:5-2:6