Mark 14:53-65

Complimentary OT Passage:

Leviticus 22:17-25

Sermon Outline:

1. Christ was condemned by false witnesses 
2. Christ did not speak in His own defence 
3. Christ is the Judge of those standing in judgement against Him
4. Christ was accused of blasphemy, received blasphemy, and died for blasphemers

Family Discussion Questions:

  1. Which people questioned Jesus after he was arrested?
  2. Who followed along to watch?
  3. What lies were told about Jesus?
  4. What question did Jesus answer and agree with?
  5. What was the role of this group in Israel supposed to be?
  6. What are the different ways to be a false witness and how were they used in this trial?
  7. Why did Jesus not speak in his defence?
  8. Why did Jesus answer the question in verse 61?
  9. After agreeing with the question, what did Jesus add in his response to high priest? What was he telling him with those words?
  10. Why did Jesus’ response lead to an accusation of blasphemy?
  11. How was this event necessary and helpful to demonstrate Jesus was the Christ?
  12. How does the fact that Christ was inspected by his enemies give us even more confidence in the work of Christ?
  13. Since Christ brings forgiveness and freedom from sin, what does this passage teach us about the true meaning of the 3rd and 9th commandments?