Mark 14:43-52

Sermon Outline:

  1. Human power and cunning were not necessary to arrest Jesus
  2. Human power and cunning are not necessary to make Jesus King
  3. The Kingdom of God does not depend on the strength of its citizens

Family Discussions:

  1. What kind of crowd came to arrest Jesus?
  2. How was Judas going to show the crowd which one was Jesus?
  3. Did the crowd actually need the swords and Judas’ kiss to arrest Jesus?
  4. What did Peter do when the crowd tried to arrest Jesus? Why was that wrong for Peter to do?
  5. If Jesus wanted to be free, what could he have done?
  6. How did Judas’ betraying kiss make Jesus feel?
  7. What does Jesus correction of Peter’s sword teach us about how the Kingdom of God will grow?
  8. What was the evidence that Jesus pointed to which showed the hypocrisy of those who arrested him?
  9. What was the real authority Jesus pointed to which was “causing” this arrest to be successful?
  10. How is the church to obey Christ’s command to gain spiritual strength and maturity, while also
  11. never thinking that it is the cause of the success of Christ’s Kingdom?
  12. How should this passage, in light of texts like Luke 22:36-38 and Romans 13:1-4, shape how we are to view questions of legitimate use of weapons and force?
  13. Why would a kingdom for Jesus gained through a sword be bad news for the church?