Mark 14:32-32

Sermon Outline:

  1. The Lord was a weak human
  2. The Lord submitted to the will of God though it caused Him great distress
  3. Watch and pray so you do not forget your weakness and the Lord’s strength 

- Family Discussion questions -

*For use within the church family to discuss and apply, AND for parents to debrief with their children to underscore understanding*

  1. After celebrating Lord’s Supper, where did Jesus take the disciples?
  2. What did Jesus spend his time doing in the garden?
  3. What did Jesus ask God the Father?
  4. Why was Jesus disappointed with the disciples?
  5. What does this teach us about the disciples and all other Christians?
  6. What does it teach us about why we should pray?
  7. What does it teach us about why we often don’t pray?
  8. What does it teach us about how Jesus saved us?
  9. What would it mean to “watch and pray”?
  10. How are we to be prepared for temptation?
  11. How can we embrace God’s will even when it is difficult?