Mark 14:26-31

Sermon Bible Text:

Mark 14:26-31


Complementary Old Testament Reading:

Zechariah 13:7-9 


Sermon Title:

The Stricken Good Shepherd and His easily scattered sheep


Sermon Outline:

  1. Only the Shepherd would take the cross 
  2. The Sheep would also be stricken because of the cross of Christ
  3. Christ restores his fallen sheep


Family Discussion Questions:

  1. What did Jesus do with the disciples before heading to the Mount of Olives and what does this say about how God strengthens us?
  2. What did Jesus tell the disciples would happen?
  3. What was Peter’s response, and why do you think he responded that way?
  4. What was the good promise tucked into this difficult prophesy?
  5. What prophecy of the Old Testament was Jesus referring to when He said these things?
  6. In what way did the cross immediately bring pain to the disciples? How does the cross bring temporary pain to Christians?
  7. What is the warming to us in that “promise”?
  8. What is the comfort to us in that “promise”
  9. What was the difference between the prophecy regarding Judas in verse 21 compared to the prophecy regarding the rest of the 12 in these verses?
  10. What does this text teach us about how we might be humbly prepared?