Mark 14:1-11

Sermon Outline: 
1. Devotion to Christ is Beautiful and costly
2. Devotion to Christ is disgusting to those who are not born again
3. God makes sure that His Son would be sacrificed as Passover Lamb

Family Discussion Questions:

  1. What time of year was it in Israel for the event of this passage?
  2. Why did the chief priests not want Jesus to be killed at this time?
  3. Who were at the party with Jesus?
  4. What did Mary do during the party and why did it upset the disciples?
  5. What did Jesus say about Mary's actions?
  6. What do Mary's actions teach us about true devotion to Christ?
  7. What does "considering yourself dead" mean in relation to the value of true devotion?
  8. Does an act of devotion need to be difficult in order to be valuable and beautiful in God's sight?
  9. What are the kinds of ways we can express devotion to Christ?
  10. What does this passage teach us about caring for the poor?
  11. Explain how God used Mary to make sure that Christ was killed at Passover, and why this was so important to Him