Mark 13:24-37

Sermon Outline:

1. Christ's Bride will certainly be gathered from all corners of creation
2. Every generation of the church, from the first to last, will see Christ's Words fulfilled
3. The Church must be ready to meet the Lord

Family Discussion Questions:

1. What is the difference between how Jesus came the first time to how he will come the second time? 
2. Why was that necessary for our salvation?
3. What does the failing of the sun, moon and stars tell us about how sure the promises of Christ are?
4. In what ways does Christ gather his elect? What will be the ultimate way he will do this? What things scatter the elect for now?
5. Where will the elect be gathered from? How should this impact our hearts and actions? 
6. How long after Jesus spoke these words that the temple was destroyed?
7. What did the church learn - even the first generation - about tribulation and the power of the gospel?
8. What does it mean to say that though believers will face tribulations for belonging to Christ, they will be spared the worst tribulation because they belong to him?
9. How should the fulfillment of previous prophecies make us ready for the return of Christ?
10. Knowing when Christ will return will not be given to even the brightest Christian - so why and how are we to be “awake”?
11. Which of the end times views seems to explain the scriptures best to you?