Mark 13:1-23

Sermon Outline:

I.  Suffering will come surrounding the fall of the temple, and the church must be on guard.

II. In the midst of these persecutions, God will ensure that his gospel goes out to the nations.

III. The church will endure every trial unto salvation.

Family Discussion Questions:

  1. What is the significance of the fall of the temple in God’s plan for history?
  2. What role did the temple play in Jesus’ crucifixion? 
  3. Why does Jesus choose to give such a detailed answer to the disciples’ question about future events?
  4. What comfort are the disciples meant to take in knowing that Jesus has told them of all these things ahead of time?
  5. What are the tribulations that Jesus mentions to his disciples? Many of these would have been specific to the apostles themselves but they do help us to know the kind of trials and opposition the church will continue to face. What are the kinds of trials which we can expect to face if we trust in Jesus?
  6. What role does the Holy Spirit play in the ministry of the apostles?
  7. How does the Holy Spirit help us in the midst of trials and tribulations? 
  8. What does Jesus promise about the gospel in this passage? How would that promise encourage the disciples even as Jesus spoke about tribulation and persecution?
  9. What is the salvation that Jesus speaks of which comes after endurance?
  10. What help does God give us if we are afraid that we will not endure persecution?