Mark 12:38-44

Sermon Outline:

I. Beware of self-serving religion. 

II. Jesus commends humility and self-sacrifice. 

III. How God Delights to Build Up His Household. 


Family Discussion Questions:

The scribes wore long robes, prayed long prayers in the market, and sought out seats of honour. How might we be on the lookout for similar behaviour in our contemporary context?

What was the sin in the hearts of the scribes underneath these actions?

Where might you recognize the danger of this sin in your own life?

Why was the widow’s contribution so much greater than the large sums of the rich men?

What reward could the widow expect for her contribution vs the giving of the rich men?

What did Jesus recognize in the heart of the widow?

In what way was the widow a stark contrast with the scribes?

Do you have any fears or concerns that make it hard for you to give like this widow did?

How does this widow’s gift to God’s household reflect the way that God Himself laid the cornerstone of His household?

How can we build up God’s house in a way that is consistent with the foundation God has laid for it?

Are you more willing to give of your money, time or talents when you know that this gift will be recognized by others? Would the  joy and commendation of God be enough for you to give as sacrificially as this widow did?

Are there any ways in which you need to rethink your contributions to the family of God?