Mark 12:18-27

Sermon Outline: 

I. Don’t be Troubled by Those who do not understand the Scriptures nor the Power of God

II. God is the God of the Living

III. Resurrection Life is an eternal life of love.

Family Discussion Questions:

What does it mean that the Sadducees do not understand the Scriptures or the power of God?

How does Jesus help us to answer skeptics who reject elements of God’s Word that they consider unbelievable or fanciful? 

How does Jesus prove that the Sadducees are wrong about the resurrection even from the Scriptures that they accept?

What did it mean to Moses at the burning bush that God is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob? 

What are the reasons that God has given us the gift or marriage? Why are those gifts no longer necessary in the resurrection? 

What changes will we undergo at the resurrection? In what ways will we not change? 

What answer might we give to someone who was disappointed that their marriage will not continue in the resurrection? 

How does the Lord’s Supper allow us to bring together our remembrance of the death and resurrection of Jesus with our future hope for the resurrection in His kingdom?