Mark 12:13-17

Sermon Outline: 

I. Putting Jesus to the Test

II. Rendering to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s

III. Rendering to God the Things that are God’s. 

Family Discussion Questions: 

Why did the Pharisees and Herodians pay Jesus a compliment before asking their question? How does this help us to consider the compliments paid to us?

The last time Jesus was asked an insincere question he did not answer it. Why does he answer now?

Does Jesus dignify foolishness by answering the question? How does he make sure he is not doing that?

Why was the question “should taxes be paid to Caesar” such a hot-button issue?

What is the God-given role of government? How does this help us to determine what “belongs” to Caesar?

The evidence that the denarius belonged to Caesar was his image on it. Where has God placed His image?

What does it mean for us to render ourselves to God?

How does knowing what belongs to God help us to consider what ought to be rendered to “Caesar” or our government?

How were the Pharisees failing to properly render to God what was God’s and to Caesar what was Caesar’s?

What is your own relationship to our government? Would that reveal an unbiblical understanding of the role of government and its relationship to you?