Mark 11:27-33

Sermon Outline:

  1. Jesus has authority to judge the church and the world
  2. John the Baptist’s ministry declared that all must be washed by Jesus 
  3. Christ does not honour insincere questions 
  4. Christ redeems the insincere 

Family Discussion Questions:
1. What did Jesus do which the leaders questioned if he had authority to do?
2. Why did Jesus' actions make these leaders look bad?
3. How did Jesus already know they were being fake in their question?
4. How had Jesus' authority already been proven by the Old Testament? His actions?
5. What was John the Baptist's job?
6. What did John the Baptist say about Jesus?
7. What does Christianity think about "blind faith"? 
8. What does Jesus think about sincere honest questions?
9. How can people, especially religious leaders, ask and suggest insincere questions? Why is this usually done?
10. How does Jesus' answer show how to determine if a religious leader's suggestions and questions are sincere or not?
11. How can asking a "teacher" a question about scripture which has nothing to do with their question help to determine if they can be trusted?
12. Insincerity is something we all struggle with. How does the Gospel help us deal with this problem?
13. What are the reasons why Jesus has all authority in heaven and earth? Why is this good news for the church and terrible news for those who deny Him?