Mark 11:20-25

Sermon Outline:

1. Have Faith in God
2. Pray with Expectant Faith
3. Pray with a Heart that loves forgiveness. 

Family Discussion Questions:

1. What was Peter’s response to the withering of the fig tree. What did that say about Peter’s faith?

2. What context helps us understand why Jesus talked about moving a mountain into the sea?

3. Jesus tells us to pray with expectant faith. Does this mean that we should expect every prayer for every desire to be positively answered? 

4. In what ways will faith itself shape the expectant prayers we offer to God?

5. Do you still offer prayers to God with expectation that He will answer? What might be hindering your expectation?

6. Do you look to the future with rest and trust in God, or with anxiety and doubt?

7. What does our refusal to forgive others say about the posture of our prayers? 

8. What was the cost of you being able to pray to God as your Father? How was that cost paid?