Mark 11:12-21

Sermon Outline:

  1. The house of God is a place for the prayers of all ethnic groups
  2. The house of God is to bear true fruit in all seasons
  3. God will judge the whole world, beginning with His own household
  4. Hide yourself in Christ Jesus, the living and eternal temple of God

Family Discussion questions

  1. What did Jesus say to the fig tree when he saw no fruit on it?
  2. What did Jesus see when he walked into the temple?
  3. How were the temple leaders disobeying God in the temple?
  4. What was the temple of God for?
  5. What did the false teachers think the temple was for?
  6. What did Jesus do in the temple?
  7. Why was Jesus allowed to do this?
  8. What happened to the fig tree?
  9. What did God replace this stone temple with?
  10. How is Jesus a better temple than the stone one?
  11. What are some "leaves” which some people often treat as “fruit”?
  12. How can someone join the temple of Jesus?
  13. How are Christians to enjoy being part of the temple of Jesus?
  14. What are ways that we act like the church is our house rather than Jesus’?
  15. How has Jesus marvellously already begun to fulfill the temple prophecy of Isaiah 56?