Mark 10:41-45

Sermon Outline:

  1. We must refrain from thinking it is great to demand service from others
  2. Christian authority is for the building up of those in your charge

Family Discussion Questions:

  1. What did James and John ask Jesus with their mom’s help?
  2. Why do you think that the other disciples were furious with them for asking that?
  3. How did Jesus serve the church?
  4. How does Jesus rule the church?
  5. Apart from God, why would people want to have authority?
  6. Jesus says, those who are "considered” rulers. We ought to apply this to those whom we follow even if they are not authorities over us. Who might these people be?
  7. What were the two main goals of Christ’s mission as the chosen king of God’s people? (John 6:38, Mark 10:45)
  8. What does Jesus’ mission and use of authority teach us about how we ought to see authority?
  9. What are some extreme opposite views of the proper use of authority?
  10. How would this view of authority impact our view of the role of husband?
  11. How would this view of authority impact who and how we choose elders and pastors in the church?
  12. How did the Apostles demonstrate this calling in their suffering and their authority?