Mark 10:1-12

Sermon Outline:

I. Jesus understands why the law was given. 

II. Jesus understands God’s design for marriage

III. Jesus understands covenant love and faithfulness. 


Family Discussion Questions:

Why was the Pharisees’ question meant to be a trap for Jesus?

When Jesus is presented with a disagreement about the right interpretation of a passage of scripture, how does he settle the question?

How might you reply to someone who said that Jesus said nothing about homosexuality?

What does Jesus show about marriage by going to Genesis 2?

What does it mean that God has joined a husband and wife together?

What was God’s ultimate purpose in the creation of marriage? 

How might we compare God’s love for His people to the love of a husband? 

How is the gospel illuminated when we understand it using the parable of marriage?

How does no fault divorce or adultery mar what marriage is meant to show us about the gospel?

How can a right understanding of marriage help you personally to delight in the love of Christ in your current situation?

If you are married or desiring to be: how can Christ’s covenant love for his people help you as you love your spouse?