Mark 9:14-32

Sermon Outline:

I. A Faithless Generation

II. All things are Possible: Faith and Prayer

III. I believe, help my unbelief.

IV. Feeble Faith in a Strong Saviour

Family Discussion Questions: 

i. Jesus says all things are possible for him who believes. Is this phrase telling us that if we have enough faith we can ask for anything we want and get it? Why or why not?

ii. What is the connection between prayer and faith? How was Jesus’ lesson to the disciples in v29 similar to his exclamation to the boy’s father in v23?

iii. How can our prayer reveal a weakness in faith?

iv. What would your own prayer life say regarding your faith and confidence in God?

v. How is the gospel the starting place for faithful prayer?

vi. What are good promises of God that we can call upon Him for in prayer? 

vii. Are there good things to pray for which God might not grant? Why might God not ultimately answer our prayers the way we wanted? How should we pray for those things? 

viii. If we feel like our faith is weak, where should we look to grow in faith?

ix. Does God’s relationship with us depend upon us having “enough” faith?”