Mark 9:2-13

Sermon Outline:

  1. Jesus is the Conquering Son of Man.
  2. Jesus is the Long Awaited Hope of God’s People.
  3. Jesus is Faithful to His Father’s Plan

Family Discussion Questions

1. The transfiguration brings together many wonderful elements. For each of these, answer:

    a) what are the Old Testament roots of this element?

    b) what is that element meant to show about Jesus?

           i) Going up a mountain

          ii) The change in the appearance of Jesus. 

          iii) The Presence of Moses and Elijah.

           iv) The cloud of glory from which God speaks

          v) The words of God about Jesus. 

2. How does the terror and confusion of the disciples also remind us of similar events in the Old Testament? What might Peter have been confused about?

3. Why did God choose this moment for the transfiguration? How does it relate to the teaching of Jesus in the previous passage?

4. Why did Jesus not want word of what the disciples witnessed to be shared until after His resurrection?

5. Why were the disciples confused about the role Elijah would play in the ministry of the Messiah? 

6. When we understand that John the Baptist fulfilled the prophecies related to Elijah, how does that change what the disciples would have thought about Jesus’ own ministry?

7. How is the account of the transfiguration meant to be an encouragement and exhortation for you?