Mark 8:22-9:1

Sermon Outline:

1. Jesus is the only eternal king of Israel
2. Cross before Crown for Christ
3. Cross before crown for Christians
4. The Kingdom will come after the cross

Family Discussion Questions:

1. What was different about this man's healing compared to all other miracles?
2. What were the different things that people thought that Jesus was?
3. Who did Peter say that Jesus was?
4. Why did Jesus tell the disciples and this man not to announce this?
5. What about the Gospel did Peter rebuke Jesus for?
6. What did Jesus say to Peter, and why?
7. Why did Jesus have to suffer before glory?
8. Why are Christians called to suffer before glory?
9. In what way has the kingdom of God already come? In what way are we still looking forward to it coming?
10. What are some typical problems which arise when Christians deny that we are expected to suffer before the Lord Jesus returns?
11. Which of those "ditches" are you prone to?
12. What about Christ have you found that others find to be the most shameful? Why is that not shameful but glorious?