Mark 7:24-30

Sermon Outline: 

The God of Israel is the Creator of Heaven and earth. 
Since the fall into sin, by nature we are all enemies of God. 
God has a privileged household of undeserving former enemies. 


Family discussion Questions:

1. What area did this story take place?
2. What was the problem which caused the lady to ask for Jesus help?
3. What reason did Jesus tell her that he didnt need to answer?
4. How did she respond?
5. What were the nations that were not God’s people called before Jesus came?
6. Are all people born as God’s children?
7. Can you earn the place of being God’s child?
8. What did Jesus do to make enemies God’s children?
9. How does a person become a child of God?
10. Given that there is only one way to join God’s family, how should we treat one another?
11. What are the gifts, the bread, that belong to you if God becomes your Father?
12. What are the two responses to hearing that God has a family and not all people are in it?