Mark 7:1-13

Sermon Title:

Jesus Restores Our Hearts to Delight in God

Sermon Scripture Passage:

Mark 7:1-13

Sermon Outline:

1. The Law of God is a delight in Him
2. Beware of your preference of man-made laws
3. Christ restores us to the law’s delight in God

Family Discussion Questions:

1. What did the 12 disciples not do which made the Pharisees so upset?
2. Did God make the laws that the disciples were breaking?
3. What law of God were the Pharisees breaking?
4. What man-made law were they using as an excuse to break God’s law?
5. How does Jesus summarize God’s laws in Mark 12?
6. How is the law of God a way to delight in God himself?
7. Why is it important to keep both the spirit of the law and the letter of the law?
8. How do man-made religious laws end up causing us to reject God’s laws?
9. Can the law of God save you?
10. How does this understanding of the law of God help us to see our need for Christ more?
11. What are some ways which Christians ignore the point of the law of God?
12. What are some ways which Christians replace the law of God?