Mark 6:45-52

Sermon Outline:

  1. The Messiah prays because He is human
  2. The Messiah walks on water because He is God
  3. None can contend with God
  4. If Christ is with you, take heart
  5. Every heart needs to be softened

Family Discussion Questions:

  1. When Jesus sent the disciples on the boat, what did He do?
  2. What does the fact that Jesus needed to pray teach you?
  3. How did Jesus travel to the disciples in the middle of the lake?
  4. What did Jesus tell the disciples in order to calm their fears?
  5. What happened to the water when Jesus came into the boat?
  6. Knowing Job 9 and 38, what was Jesus demonstrating?
  7. What is the purpose of Jesus “passing by” his people in other parts of the Bible?
  8. Why was it necessary that the Messiah be a true man?
  9. Why was it necessary that the Messiah be truly God?
  10. Why is the presence of Christ something which causes us to take heart?