Mark 6:14-44

Jesus truly is not only the right Shepherd, but He is the Good Shepherd who makes us to rest in green pastures. For now He hosts a feast for us in the presence of our enemies - one which does satisfy the soul - but soon He will come to bring us to the feast in the New Heavens and Earth. A Feast which cost Him His life, but which it was a joy for Him to offer because of His love for His Father - and for the sinful sheep which His Father gave to Him.

Sermon Scripture Passage:

Mark 6:14-44

Sermon Title:

Two Kings and Two Feasts

Sermon Outline:

  1. Herod’s insincere religiosity
  2. A wicked feast held by a selfish king
  3. A holy feast held by a compassionate king
  4. Satisfaction in a desolate place

Family Discussion Questions:

Who did King Herod think Jesus was?
Why was Herod so terrified that John had been raised from the dead?
Why did Herodias want John dead, and why did Herod not want to kill him?
For whose benefit was the banquet at the palace?
What made Jesus interrupt His rest and teach the crowd?
Compare the amount of food before and after the crowd was fed
How was the feeding of the 5,000 a fulfillment of Psalm 23?
How is Herod is a good picture of the life of slavery to sin?
In what ways does Christ satisfy - now? In the future?