Mark 6:1-13

Sermon Outline:

  1. The Nazarenes are astonished at Jesus and reject him
  2. Jesus is astonished at the Nazarenes’ rejection
  3. The Gospel is Urgently and Widely Proclaimed as it is Received and Rejected

Family Discussion Questions:

1. How do the Nazarene people react to Jesus’ teaching? Are they unimpressed by it?

2. Why do the listeners in the synagogue reject Jesus? 

3. Why is Jesus astonished at their unbelief? 

4. Why do people reject the gospel when they hear it? Is it because of anything lacking in the gospel?

5. Why did Jesus only do few miracles in Nazareth?

6. While the specific instructions Jesus gives the apostles are for this mission only, what valuable things do his instructions teach us about all gospel proclamation, including ours?

7. Are you afraid to talk about the gospel? Is your fear that the message will be rejected?

8. What does our fear of sharing the gospel show about our relationship with Jesus? What does it show about our relationship with the people we are afraid of?

9. How might an urgency to share the gospel, even in the face of rejection, change your life right now?