Mark 5:21-43

Sermon Scripture Passage:

Mark 5:21-43


Sermon Title:

Do Not Fear, Only Believe


Sermon Outline:

I. Faith in Jesus the Healer

II. Faith in Jesus the Saviour

Ill. Faith in Jesus the Messiah

Family Discussion Questions:

1. What did Jairus and the sick woman believe about Jesus when they first encountered him. How might that have changed after their interactions with him?

2. Both the bleeding woman and the dead body of the girl would have made Jesus ceremonially unclean. What does this teach us about Jesus?

3. What does it mean when Jesus tells the woman "your faith has made you well," or "your faith has saved you?"

4. Why was it important for Mark to note all the mourners at Jairus' house?

5. Why did Jesus say that the girl was sleeping, instead of saying she was dead?

6. Why did Jesus send out all the mourners and leave only a few people in the room when the girl was raised to life?

7. What are things we could believe about Jesus that would be less than what Jesus wants us to believe about himself? How would believing those things about Jesus without knowing the gospel change our understanding of who Jesus was?

8. What does it mean to you to have faith in Jesus? Do you know the gospel?