Mark 4:35-41

Sermon Outline:

1. The calamity facing the church

2. The calm of the Sower

3. The concern of the Shepherd

4. The correction of the Creator

5. The quiet fear of the church

Family Discussion Questions:

1. What happened on the trip across the sea?

2. How did Jesus calm the sea?

3. Why did Jesus correct the disciples? Is it wrong to be afraid?

4. What kind of people experience trouble and where does it come from?

5. Do these troubles threaten the safety of the church?

6. The trouble facing the church must submit to the voice of Jesus. How is that good for the church now? How will it one day be altogether good?

7. What are some connections from this event to the parables Jesus had just taught?

8. What was another time, later on, when the disciples were terrified and Jesus was "asleep"? How did that end in both great fear and peace?

9.What is the same about Jesus and Jonah and what is different?