Mark 4:30-34

Sermon Outline:

How is God’s Kingdom like a mustard seed?

How does Jesus talk about God’s kingdom?

How does God’s Kingdom grow?

Family Discussion Questions:

Why might it have been surprising when Jesus compared Gods kingdom to a mustard seed? Does that seem surprising to you?

How can Jesus talk about God’s kingdom as something that has already existed, something that is starting and something that will come? 

What does it mean that God’s kingdom starts as a tiny seed? 

How does God’s kingdom grow?

How was the death of Jesus an act of conquering?

In what ways do we as citizens of Jesus’ kingdom, get to take part in His conquest of the world?

If we compare Jesus’ kingdom to the Roman Empire, which kingdom is greater? Why?

Why are we tempted to think of God’s kingdom as though it is “losing?” Are there any reasons why you have felt discouraged about the growth of God’s kingdom?

Are there any forces or powers in this world which make you afraid, or even keep you from trusting in Jesus? What are they? How would the Bible answer your fears?