Mark 4:26-29

Sermon outline: 

  1. Sewing seeds according to God’s wisdom
  2. Resting according to God’s sovereignty. 
  3. Hoping in the harvest according to God’s timing. 

Family discussion questions:

  1. What does the seed scattering represent in this parable?
  2. What are the ordinary means of grace?
  3. What does it mean that they are ordinary?
  4. What does it mean that they are means of grace?
  5. Why is the farmer able to go to sleep? What does that teach us about the growth of God’s kingdom?
  6. What does the harvest represent in this parable?
  7. How does the Gospel which is the foundation of God's kingdom teach us how God’s kingdom grows?
  8. What questions or help does this parable grant to a parent who is anxious about the salvation of their children?
  9. How does this parable help us know what to expect of our churches?
  10. What warnings might this give to a church that is straying from God’s means of growing His kingdom? 
  11. Have you felt the anxiety of trusting in yourself rather than God to grow His kingdom? How would this parable respond to that anxiety?