Mark 4:21-25

Sermon Outline:

  • God will make clear what may now seem hidden
  • Those who give ear to the Gospel will be overwhelmed with light
  • Those who ignore the Gospel will be overwhelmed with darkness

Family Discussion Questions:

  1. What is the great light which God promised he would shine for the whole world to see?
  2. It is possible to fool many people about whether you actually know God. What are ways that God might show the truth to everyone?
  3. How does how we treat the Word of God reveal our true standing before God?
  4. How does how we treat others reveal our true standing before God?
  5. Why is it important to care about how we treat the Bible and others, while making sure that we don’t teach that these things save you?
  6. Some have falsely taught that Jesus’ words in verse 25 are talking about money and possessions. What is it actually talking about? How does the context show the proper interpretation?
  7. What are some common ways for people who call themselves Christians and have the Bible -and yet feel comfortable ignoring parts of it?
  8. How does it prove true in this life, that the more you truly receive the Word of God, the more of the Word of God you will be given?
  9. How will verse 25 be fulfilled ultimately in the next life?
  10. How does the Gospel of Jesus prove to be sharp sword which exposes a person’s heart toward God?