Mark 4:1-20

Sermon Outline:

  • The Gospel is a mystery to those who are outside of the Kingdom of God
  • Some never show interest in the Gospel because of their hard hearts
  • Some show interest but when trouble arises because of the Gospel they fall away
  • Some show interest but when good things come they fall away
  • Only God-softened hearts truly embrace the Gospel and bear fruit

Family Discussion Questions:

  1. What was the parable that Jesus told?
  2. Did the 12 disciples understand it at first?
  3. Why is it that many people do not trust in the Gospel of Jesus?
  4. What do each of the “soils” represent?
  5. The good soil represents true believers in Jesus. How do we explain how that soil (heart) is different than the others?
  6. How does this teaching give us reason for thankfulness, for confidence, and for hope?
  7. What does it mean to bear fruit and why is it necessary fruit?
  8. Does bearing fruit save you?
  9. Are there less weeds and rocks in the lives of true Christians? What weeds and rocks can you ask for help with from God and other church members?
  10. Which of the soils represented your own heart before you truly became a Christian?
  11. How does this parable show us to an even greater degree, why we needed Jesus to die for our sins and rise from the dead?