Mark 3:20-35

Sermon Outline:

  1. The blessing and insufficiency of your birth family
  2. Christ came to cast you out of Satan’s kingdom
  3. The family of God will be forgiven all sins but no sins will be forgiven those outside God’s family
  4. Christ’s family does God’s will

Family Discussion Questions:

  1. Were Jesus’ family members all faithful Christians before He was crucified?
  2. Which kingdom are people born into, God’s or Satan’s?
  3. Did the unbelieving leaders deny Jesus’ miracles or affirm them? How did they explain them?
  4. In the parable, who is: The strongman? The one who binds the strongman? The stuff being taken out of the strongman’s house?
  5. When was the strongman bound?
  6. What was the major national or geography change which God made because of the life, death,
    and resurrection of Jesus?
  7. In what ways is Satan not yet fully bound? When will the church and creation be fully free
    Satan’s influence?
  8. There are two major dangerous errors which can be made when explaining verse 35. What is
    the legalistic error? What is the lawless error? How does the Gospel of Christ guard us from
    both errors?
  9. What change occurs when a person becomes a Christian related to one’s own will and God’s
  10. Why is it a wonderful rich blessing to be raised within a Christian family? How should this impact
    how we live and parent?
  11. Why is Christian heritage insufficient? How should this impact how we live and parent?