Mark 3:13-19

Sermon Outline

  • New revelation to complete God’s Word to His renewed people
  • The Apostles were set apart among Christians
  • The Apostles’ teaching is the Word made flesh
  • The Apostles’ teaching delivers us from the kingdom of darkness
  • The Apostles’ teaching effectually calls all whom God desires

Family Discussion Questions

  1. Where did Jesus set apart the 12 Apostles?
  2. Why did He choose 12?
  3. What is the difference between a disciple and an Apostle?
  4. Why was it important for the 12 to be with Jesus?
  5. The Apostles and Jesus miraculously cast out demons. Christians are not called to do this. Why was it important that the 12 and Jesus were able to do this? What confidence does this give us for evangelism, for missions, for church?
  6. Who was the 13th (and last) Apostle, added to the 12 after Jesus rose from the dead? What does his addition teach us?
  7. How is the choice of Judas Iscariot important for our understanding of the Gospel?
  8. How is the choice of Judas Iscariot a warning for church leaders?
  9. How is the choice of Judas Iscariot a comfort for the church when leaders throw themselves into sin?
  10. Why will there be no more Apostles after the Scripture was completed?
  11. What danger is the church in when we confuse what an Apostle is?
  12. What comfort does the church receive when we comprehend what an Apostle is?
  13. How effective is the Word of God at calling Christ’s Sheep to salvation?