Mark 3:7-12

Sermon Outline:

  • Christ drew an international crowd
  • The crowd desired signs and wonders
  • Many confessed Christ was the Son of God

Family Discussion Questions:

  1. Where did Jesus withdraw to?
  2. A great crowd followed Him; where did they come from? Why is this important for us to notice?
  3. Why did Jesus need to get into a boat?
  4. Why did that crowd gather to Jesus? Why were they there?
  5. Why did Jesus withdraw to the sea instead of facing the Pharisees?
  6. What are reasons that are used to draw people to Jesus that create a false church?
  7. Jesus said that His purpose was not to perform miracles, but to do what things? (Mark 10:45, Mark 1:38)
  8. The crowd that came to Jesus would later crucify Him. What does this say about true and false
  9. Why did Jesus command the demons not to declare Him to be the Messiah?
  10. What do we learn about true and false faith from the knowledge that the demons confess Jesus as the Messiah?
  11. What does true faith desire most and trust Jesus to do for you?
  12. How should the difference between a crowd and a church shape a church?