Sermon Outline: 

  • The Messiah has come, the bridegroom is at the wedding feast. 
  • A New Wineskin Life for New Covenant Wine.

Family Discussion Questions:

  1. Why was it right for Jesus’ disciples not to fast, even though Jesus did not condemn fasting itself?
  2. What was the main goal of John’s ministry? How did this change when Jesus came?
  3. What did it mean that God’s people were waiting for the bridegroom?
  4. When Jesus refers to himself as the bridegroom, what are things he wants us to know about himself?
  5. What are things that God’s people had once hoped for that God has already brought about? What promised things do we still hope for now?
  6. What is Jesus showing us in Revelation 19 when he depicts His return as a wedding feast?
  7. Jesus uses two metaphors to explain why you cannot try and bind together the new and the old. What are the “old” and “new” things Jesus is actually referring to?
  8. What is Jesus talking about when he refers to sewing a new patch on an old garment, or pouring new wine into an old wineskin? What “tear” is created when we do this?
  9. What are reasons why Christians might have wanted to bring elements of the Old Covenant which Jesus had fulfilled into their New Covenant life? Or why might they be tempted to reject Jesus and return to the Old Covenant altogether? 
  10. What are some ways that we might miss what it means to enjoy what Jesus has fulfilled so long after the death and resurrection? What would it look like for us to return to the Old, or maybe a misconception of the Old?