Mark 2:13-17

Sermon Outline:

  • Jesus calls sinners to follow him
  • Jesus enjoys fellowship with those who follow him
  • Jesus came to rescue sinners from sin

Family Discussion Questions:

  1. What was Levi’s other name?
  2. What did Levi do for a living and why did that make people hate him?
  3. What did Levi do when Jesus called him?
  4. Why were the Pharisees angry at Jesus in this passage?
  5. What was Jesus’ response to their question?
  6. Are there types of people which we assume could not become Christians? How does this
    passage correct that idea?
  7. Some people use this passage to say that Jesus is OK with people sinning. What details in the
    passage prove that is a wrong interpretation?
  8. Did Jesus mean here that some people are not in need of the Gospel because they are
    righteous? How do you know this?
  9. Does your own heart align with the teaching of Christ, that you need to be cleansed of your sin
    and only Jesus can do that?
  10. Following Jesus doesn’t save a person, faith in what Christ did does. But how does Christ’s
    command to follow Him help us understand what it means to be saved?