Mark 1:40-45

Sermon Outline:
God’s will to pity the defiled
Christ became defiled to cleanse the defiled
The cleansing of the defiled is proven
The cleansing of the defiled leads to thanksgiving
The cleansing of the defiled is contagious

Family Discussion Questions:

  1. Who came to Jesus and why did he come to Him? 
  2. What did Jesus do? How did He heal this man?
  3. What did Jesus tell the man to do and not do?
  4. How did the man respond? Did he listen?
  5. What do we know about the leper based upon how he asks for healing?
  6. What motivated Jesus to heal this man? How should that shape our hearts, prayers, attitudes
    toward others?
  7. Given that all Jesus’ miracles are also signs and parables, what does leprosy healing teach us
    about the Gospel?
  8. What was significant about Jesus touching this man?
  9. What were the cleansing laws in the Old Testament and how do they help us understand the
  10. What opposite ditches does this passage prohibit when considering our own sin and the sin of
  11. How does Jesus’ instruction to this man for silence teach us about Jesus’ motivations for the