Mark 1:29-39

Sermon Outline:
A private and touching illustration of God’s grace
A private and touching response to God’s grace
A public illustration of God’s grace
A private dependance on God’s grace
Christ left heaven that people would be saved by the preaching of the Gospel

Sermon Discussion Questions:
1. What was the problem with Peter’s mother-in-law?
2. How did Jesus heal her?
3. What did she do right after she was healed?
4. Did Jesus let the demons speak? Why not?
5. What did the disciples find Jesus doing when they were looking for him?
6. What does the private nature of the healing of Peter’s mother-in-law tell us?
7. How is the response of Peter’s mother-in-law a lovely illustration of redemption? What are some
false ideas about salvation and serving God?
8. Why did the crowd wait until sundown to flock to Jesus for healing?
9. What does Jesus’ prayer in this passage teach us, even though the content was not recorded?
10. The purpose for Jesus’ leaving of heaven is surprising. What is it? How does this challenge
some popular beliefs about Jesus?
11. How does this passage show the guilt of Capernaum in rejecting Christ as Messiah?